If you are thinking of leaving Facebook for Parler etc, please consider this:

This is the guy who made the Plandemic videos.

And made a looooot of money from them.

Probably causing a lot of unnecessary death too.

Here he is is invading the US government building with a mob, radicalised by Q. They've been convinced by Trump and his backers that the election was stolen. Despite it being thrown out by the Supreme Court, including by judges Trump appointed hoping they'd be loyal to him rather than the constitution.

This mob live in an alternative reality, manipulated by liars…

For many men the easiest emotion to feel is anger.

It can make us feel powerful.

Usually there are hurt feelings and sometimes deep childhood wounds underneath.

Often men are not taught or not encouraged to gain fluency in the language of emotion. Which can damage our relationships, including with ourselves.

Men might drink, compulsively use porn, take drugs or be workaholics in order not to feel uncomfortable feelings - or to feel control by keeping moving.

But this can make us feel alone and under-nourished.

In our groups we use the Five Primary Emotions:

Mad (angry) - "I didn't…

A wise Peruvian man once told me:

"Walk like a Jaguar. One step intuition. One step reason".

I believe it's advice that can help us navigate spiritual crisis in the Age of Information.

There are a lot of wild and frightening stories on Facebook and YouTube and on pop-up websites of unknown origin.

I think it's because some prefer the fear of crazy fictions that you can do nothing about to the fear of real stuff that might require action or change.

And of course clicks and shares mean money.

Of course this is wonderful for the political and economic…

Conspiraporn is a disempowering distraction and addiction. David Icke is purveyor of this modern commodity. And has made a lot of money doing so, with a net worth of $10 million and earning over $200k a year from YouTube ads alone.

But with his stories about Covid he is talking from his amdalya (his own lizard-brain). He wants people to believe his fearbased distorted projections (his 'reality’) so that he feels more powerful and grounded. He is in shadow magician energy and is himself transmitting the manipulative energy he warns about. In other words it’s a shadow projection.

He is…

Friends, this cartoon (above) is the narrative that is being pushed by thousands of pop-up 'alternative' (unknown, corporate backed) websites, YouTubes and the usual right-wing media.

Humans are smart: wise-apes. We intuit that our world systems are corrupt, destructive, dehumanising and out of balance. We are also compassionate. What the worst politicians, the most corrupt, the demagogues do, is exploit these energies of loving care for our planet and people by taking narrative control of the articulation of these feelings into our shared world of words and deeds. …

The Power of Everyday Magic:

An introduction to ritual

Ritual is a kind of everyday magic. Where we do not merely assign meaning. We create it.

A ritual can be as simple as a morning tea. When something more is going on than simply hydration and tannin. Perhaps we are saying "I matter". "I'm worth this time". A birthday party is a ritual, saying "We love you". Every major religion has rituals of some kind. Betrothals like weddings are rituals celebrating and consolidating love and commitment.

If a footballer has a particular ritual before taking a penalty whether they’re able…

More than any UK election before, this election was a contest of personalities, or rather avatars. Bombastic British Bulldog Boris Vs Calamitous Commie Corbyn or Obiwan Conorbyn Vs Jabba the Shite.

While I agree unequivocally that serial liar, shameless coward and moderate sociopath Boris Johnson is more unsuitable to the role of prime minister than any candidate from the two main parties in this or the last century, the Disneyfication of the contest did the progressive cause no favours.

It was the cult of Corbyn as much as a fantasy version of the Brexit Boris might deliver which lost this…

A weary Gaia might ask herself: “With friends like wrongkindofgreen.org, who needs enemies?”

Along with the big oil funded conspiracy theories and predictable lunacy from the usual suspects on the right, including the disingenuous or insane suggestions that because Greta has blonde pigtails and there also exists Nazi propaganda featuring blonde girls with pigtails this phenomenon is a fascist attempt at world hegemony, has been this conspicuous attack from what is ostensibly the left, the people who are supposed to care about the environment (because accepting science has become political sadly).

What’s the charge? What’s the evidence that this is…

It's really confusing this climate change / Greta thing.

I mean on the one hand Donald Trump says it's a hoax and he pours scorn on Greta but then on the other hand you have David Attenborough and the Dalai Lama saying she's legit and we have a crisis.

I mean, who to trust?

There is a conspiracy. Your intuition is correct. Your fears are justified. It is even more insidious and manipulative than you think.

But it's not that Greta is a puppet. That climate crisis is a 'globalist' plot to restrict your freedom with green taxes.

It's pretty…

Snake-oil, lobsters and lazy-thinking

A powerful and intelligent critique of Jordan Peterson and his mass appeal” — George Monbiot

Jordan Peterson scares me. There’s no one else in mainstream culture with such a reach (the New York Times calls him “the most influential public intellectual in the Western world”) who addresses the psychic hinterland the way he does. Who walks people to their recesses and back, like a YouTube shaman, from mythos to logos, from Jungian archetypes to cleaning your room, gun control and gender relations. He scares me because while his psychological insights are grounded, his knowledge of myth seemingly profound, his pragmatic…

Jamie Wrate

Law grad, teacher of history and politics. Training under Brazilian shaman and psychotherapist Xamam Alba Maria. Aikidoka, guitar-strummer, runs men's circles.

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