Cashing in on Covid-19: David Icke and the Conspiratrepeneurs

Conspiraporn is a disempowering distraction and addiction. David Icke is purveyor of this modern commodity. And has made a lot of money doing so, with a net worth of $10 million and earning over $200k a year from YouTube ads alone.

But with his stories about Covid he is talking from his amdalya (his own lizard-brain). He wants people to believe his fearbased distorted projections (his 'reality’) so that he feels more powerful and grounded. He is in shadow magician energy and is himself transmitting the manipulative energy he warns about. In other words it’s a shadow projection.

He is more radioactive than any 5G tower. In fact as much as I’d hate to live next to a emitting mast of any description (there are decent studies showing at least that risk is unclear), I think it’d probably be less toxically bad for health than living next to David Icke.

He is a conspiratrapeneur - he, along with some gambling on stocks, 'Big Toilet Roll' & 'Big Face Mask’, and his fellow YouTube fear-mongers is one of the few to be making money from Covid, while the world economy crashes (good in long term for environment maybe) and thousands die. He must have made '000,000s in ads & clicks punting his stories since the crisis began.

Spiritual discernment time: how to react in a humanitarian crisis, help people or spread fear? He’s a parasite. If this guy seems convincing then the consumers of him and other peddlers need less psychedelics and esoteria (definitely less social media), more grounding in nature and the body (obviously I say this while procrastinating from doing my own practice - damn even talking about this stuff is an addictive cycle…).

Note: Icke also spreads anti-semetic conspiracy theories and climate change denial. Whether he believes the lies or not, and he doesn’t strike me as a critical thinker so it’s possible, he feeds on them. And my own fear, as I experience his fear transmission in my body, is that in a post-truth world, where people base ontological beliefs on sources like this, is that we will get stuck in a energetic cul-de-sac, like Orubus, the snake eating its own tail, and obsess with imaginary enemies, making it harder to tackle the real, existential dangers of climate breakdown and an increase in pandemics. He’s a dead end.

Law grad, teacher of history and politics. Training under Brazilian shaman and psychotherapist Xamam Alba Maria. Aikidoka, guitar-strummer, runs men's circles.

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