Mad, Bad, Sad, Glad, Fear? How are you under the mask?

For many men the easiest emotion to feel is anger.

It can make us feel powerful.

Usually there are hurt feelings and sometimes deep childhood wounds underneath.

Often men are not taught or not encouraged to gain fluency in the language of emotion. Which can damage our relationships, including with ourselves.

Men might drink, compulsively use porn, take drugs or be workaholics in order not to feel uncomfortable feelings - or to feel control by keeping moving.

But this can make us feel alone and under-nourished.

In our groups we use the Five Primary Emotions:

Mad (angry) - "I didn't get what I wanted"
Sad "I lost something I wanted"
Glad "I got something I wanted"
Bad - guilt "I did something wrong" or
Bad - shame "I am something wrong" and
Fear - "I am afraid I'll lose something I want"

It's a great tool to reflect on what's going on within. What's important to us in our lives right now.

Sometimes many feelings can be present at once

One of the great things about men's circles is realizing how much we have in common. We're all unique but share so much experience. I've never been in a circle where a man expressed something other men could not relate to.

There are a couple of spots left in a new online group - Euro/Asia timezones though more being seeded. Pm or comment if interested. Questions welcome. You can also join here

Be well, be whole, celebrate all of who you are.

All is welcome in circle 🙏💓

Law grad, teacher of history and politics. Training under Brazilian shaman and psychotherapist Xamam Alba Maria. Aikidoka, guitar-strummer, runs men's circles.

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