Parler: conversation curtailed

If you are thinking of leaving Facebook for Parler etc, please consider this:

This is the guy who made the Plandemic videos.

And made a looooot of money from them.

Probably causing a lot of unnecessary death too.

Here he is is invading the US government building with a mob, radicalised by Q. They've been convinced by Trump and his backers that the election was stolen. Despite it being thrown out by the Supreme Court, including by judges Trump appointed hoping they'd be loyal to him rather than the constitution.

This mob live in an alternative reality, manipulated by liars who do not mean them well.

Plandemic was banned from some social media channels because it was judged to have falsehoods which would put people's lives at risk. This banning was part of the reason many got fed up with FB, feeling it was unfair censorship (and embracing a narrative that said that lockdown was not just unpleasant but wrong).

Does he seem like a journalist to you? Invading a government building? Campaigning for Trump. Was there any balance in his videos?

Trump just got banned for inciting violence.

Is this really freedom of speech?

If you go to Parler you'll find an alt-right echo chamber.

No one will challenge the wildest ideas - the gaslighting lie for example that the Buffalo hat guy was really Antifa.

My guess is you could post that the Beatles were pedos from the moon, Natalie Portman is a lizard wearing human skin she bought on the Dark Web, anyone wearing a yellow tie is a Satanist, Trump is a lightworker working tirelessly to save the world and BLM are fascists trying to set up world communism and people will agree. Evidence, expertise and balance will be absent.

Facebook can be a cesspit. It can be addictive. Algorithms work by giving you more of what you like, upping the dose as you consume more.

Parler will be like this on steroids. Nothing vanilla. All hardcore fear-porn.

You'll change is my guess. Become more convinced that climate change is a hoax by Big Eco-lightbulb, minorities are the problem, anyone wearing yellow shoes is a Satanist, that taxing the richest people and corporations is theft, that democracy is helplessly corrupt and we can only be saved by 'strong men' like Trump, Bolsanaro, Putin. And the next Hitler.

My guess is you'll become angrier, less optimistic, more cynical and more anxious too.

But these are guesses. Maybe it'll be amazing.

Why not try this political compass test to see where you are on the political spectrum now and a month after joining these less diverse forums:

And this test of mental health:

Whatever you decide I hope it includes reflection. Remember that challenge is as important to our thinking as roughage is to our digestion. And I hope you remember that we have more in common than we have aspects that divide.

We are on one, small planet. Your experience of it will depend a lot on the perspectives you encounter or consume.

Law grad, teacher of history and politics. Training under Brazilian shaman and psychotherapist Xamam Alba Maria. Aikidoka, guitar-strummer, runs men's circles.

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