Walk like a Jaguar: One Step Intuition. One step Reason

A wise Peruvian man once told me:

"Walk like a Jaguar. One step intuition. One step reason".

I believe it's advice that can help us navigate spiritual crisis in the Age of Information.

There are a lot of wild and frightening stories on Facebook and YouTube and on pop-up websites of unknown origin.

I think it's because some prefer the fear of crazy fictions that you can do nothing about to the fear of real stuff that might require action or change.

And of course clicks and shares mean money.

Of course this is wonderful for the political and economic forces who don't want change.

I also think that people pick up the energies of toxicity and manipulation intuitively and then confuse this inner-knowing with the reason-based knowing of whether a YouTube 'expert' is telling the truth or not.

It may be that we are being conned - sold a story that may be evidence free or illogical but which matches our underlying emotions, our pain, our fears, our wants.

But the conmen, the storytellers may have a very different agenda to us.

Our mainstream society denigrates intuition.

Many in the new spiritual communities denigrate reason.

But Buddhism and Hinduism for example arrive at many teachings through reason.

Both intuition and reason are gifts. And both are needed for balance.

If people use reason to judge whether they should marry someone they're using the wrong tool.

If they attempt to use only 'intuition' to understand the objective material world, same thing.

Using intuition to evaluate a factual or historical or scientific proposition is like using a hammer to cut wood.

If we only use reason we miss the big signals. If we only use intuition or what we mistake for it but may simply be our trauma, we risk delusion and being manipulated.

Walk like Jaguars people :)

Law grad, teacher of history and politics. Training under Brazilian shaman and psychotherapist Xamam Alba Maria. Aikidoka, guitar-strummer, runs men's circles.

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